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Happy Diwali!



Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends


Digital, digital, digital…and some more thoughts on digital marketing by a fellow IIMI-ite!


In 1998, I opened my first email account on Hotmail (paid Rs 200 per hour at an internet cafe) & I still vividly recall the feeling of having achieved something very significant sort of ‘being in the league of elites’!

As goes the popular adage today, ‘‘If you’re not on the internet. You don’t exist.”

Though the entire social networks have been with us for just over a decade, but it feels like forever.

Once I joined Facebook  (actually it was Orkut!) the Atlas Shrugged indeed! With ‘Twitter’, I got unhindered access into the world of celebrities and hoi polio alike, became the expert, opinion maker and influencer on anything & everything under sun in one stroke. The entire universe became sort of my Adda!

Then came the smart phone!  The rest, as they say is history. The deadly combination of smart phone & social media has…

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I relate, regret, but still waiting for that someday…


Hi Daddy, Last year marked our tenth Christmas without you. The thought of an incomplete family portrait by the Christmas tree for ten years is funereal. After all this time, a bittersweet thought at best. Happy because you’re surrounded by a choir of angels. Sad because the lights on the tree have never shone as…

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Yes, today…I fell in love…with what I was scared of…that gave me chills and fears…which made me anxious…gave me an andrenaline rush…made my heart beat faster…

Yes, today of all the days on the calendar, I fell in love…

…with MS Excel 😀😁😂

Never I thought I can manage this software but my existing college assignment somehow made me try, and try hard, and harder, till I get it right…which I did.

So yeah, a good day…a Valentine Day to remember…from ExcelPhobia to ExcelPhilia…my learning curve grows steeper…ooohhh aaahhh mmmmm…the more I practice, the deeper will be my love…😀😁😂😃😉😉😉

What I learnt today is that what stops you from progressing is nothing but your own fear–a mental block, the sooner it is eliminated, the better will be the results.

My Excel Love Story…to be continued…

…Ashu Bolar