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A Good Job Fit or A Good Organization Fit?


What will be your choice?

Hmmm…interesting question…was one of the questions in Organizational Behaviour (OB-I Paper), IIMI first semester exam.

There is no book or any article which answers this question. I doubt if any professor can.

The answer keeps changing from person to person, and from time to time.

When it is your first job, well – you need a job, in short you are desperate, so only job matters, fit is never a concern. But post five-year work experience, you may not think the same. You would then desire a good job and a good organization. Now this is again a hypothetical situation, which can only be assumed.

An organization may be small, but a good leader makes a lot of difference. With a clear vision and mission, and employee friendly policies, what a leader thinks is percolated throughout the hierarchy. There will always be a weakling in a team, an overtly ambitious worker, an extremely competitive employee, a gossip monger, a procrastinator – but to ensure all work together and share equal responsibilities, is a leader’s job. Being leader is not enough, one has to be a mentor and a learner. There are times when you as a team lead may be wrong, and that’s when you should have the patience to listen what your team has to say. Their opinions may turn you into a better employee, a better person.

In my opinion a ship sails safely only when it has a good captain, an orchestra is melodious when they have an expert music director, a surgery is a success when the lead surgeon guides the entire team in saving a life.

What is the point of working in a reputed so called largest firm, which makes you wake up with foul mood and end your day cursing your boss?

Any corporate success is indeed a team effort. But the Manager/Boss/Team Lead plays a crucial role. He/she can break it or make it. The attitude, the knowledge, the experience…all counts in making you, modifying you into a good ‘MANager.’

Work, to those who are skilled, is never a difficulty. But people are and can be very difficult, and you cannot work alone in a team. A team lead is that glue which binds each team member and guides them as a whole towards the vision. And this attitude is what can make a job good fit, and such team leads and cooperating team members make an organization, an excellent fit.

I do not know if you have come across a leader and a mentor, but I was lucky that I did meet some seniors, who taught me, and when required, guided me to ensure that I traverse the rough sails smoothly.

Yes, I did have my share of ‘Monstenagers’ as well. But that too was a learning experience. Nature introduces such characters in your life so that you master the art of patience and letting go what is of least significance. Remember, for a monstenager, the current job is his/her world. But for a talented person, there is a world full of opportunities. And, I love exploring! 🙂

Learn till you can, tolerate till you can, do not compromise on your self-worth, self-respect and dignity. Be prepared to move on; there is always something big and something better waiting! When you can fly, then why walk?

So yes, A Good Job Fit or A Good Organization Fit?

What is your choice?

Be wise, make an efficient choice; you know what suits you the best.

Be prepared to fly, as high as possible; just try to be in flock as far as possible.


…Ashu Bolar




Third year in a row, yes, I did find time to attend Kala Ghoda Arts Festival this year. 10 AM sharp on 15th Feb – last day of the fest – I was at Kala Ghoda (Mumbai), no queue…and thanks to the cricket match…few people…less crowded…enough space to roam…appreciate the art, admire the display and peacefully shop at the stalls!

So, what was different?

The art displays…and some new stalls…and the brand placements –, National Geographic Channel and Fortis Hospitals (No Smoking and Organ Donation)

What I remember?

The art displays…

  • Clock Web
  • Wheel of Virtue
  • First 3 D Printed Installation
  • Ethno Mod
  • Bleed Blue
  • Tinge of Frame
  • The Cycling Tree
  • Ek hota kaao
  • Clean Mumbai by Hindustan Times
  • Touch the threads of Life
  • Sparsh Car
  • Amby Sad Err
  • The Reverie Wagon (Hand Cart of Hope)
  • Om Creations Trust Hand
  • Cube of Connection
  • Hug The World
  • Save Paper (Twisted Paper)
  • Fabricated Spirits

Some glimpses…













2015-02-17 23.13.37

2015-02-17 23.01.05





And the amazing Rajasthani Thali Lunch at Chetna’s Thali Restuarant!

Chetna's Rajasthani Thali

Chetna’s Rajasthani Thali

And some interesting visiting cards…

  • Wonky Works: The leaflet beautifully made into a paper boat
  • Frogg Mag: A larger size visiting card plus mini brochure
  • Chappers: Card in the form of Kolhapuri Chappal
  • For D’ Love Of Art: Visiting Card in the size of a book mark
  • And Bargain Book Hut: Not for the card but for the cool book prizes!

Interesting Visiting Cards

My shopoholism took me to all stalls…but the stuff I took…good stuff…creative stuff…and most importantly, within my budget…belonged to Frog Mag, Sky Goodies, Pawan Emporium, Mojari Shop (can’t recall the name) and The Research Society for the Care, Treatment & Training of Children In Need of Special Care.


For those who have missed…don’t miss it next year!


…Ashu Bolar