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Happy 2019!



Health is a common subject of discussion. Even a simple conversation starts with “Hi. How have you been?” the answer to which mostly is “Good!” But are we good? As per the principles of the constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO), ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not […]

via Health is Happiness. — labandclinic

Health is Happiness. — labandclinic

Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends


Digital, digital, digital…and some more thoughts on digital marketing by a fellow IIMI-ite!


In 1998, I opened my first email account on Hotmail (paid Rs 200 per hour at an internet cafe) & I still vividly recall the feeling of having achieved something very significant sort of ‘being in the league of elites’!

As goes the popular adage today, ‘‘If you’re not on the internet. You don’t exist.”

Though the entire social networks have been with us for just over a decade, but it feels like forever.

Once I joined Facebook  (actually it was Orkut!) the Atlas Shrugged indeed! With ‘Twitter’, I got unhindered access into the world of celebrities and hoi polio alike, became the expert, opinion maker and influencer on anything & everything under sun in one stroke. The entire universe became sort of my Adda!

Then came the smart phone!  The rest, as they say is history. The deadly combination of smart phone & social media has…

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