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I did right, or did I?


Three years to complete the four decades of my life, I stand by myself, but surprising some, shocking many.

I did right, or did I?

Ten years post grieving a broken cord, I stand single, but strong.

I did right, or did I?

Twenty years of continuous evolving from acquired knowledge, work, life, I stand alone, but confident.

I did right, or did I?

Twenty three years of life after a life altering loss, I stand upright, but attracting many frowns, some odd expressions.

I did right, or did I?

I stand to grow.

I stand to what I believe.

I stand to fly, fly high.

Brows will be raised.

Frowns will be formed.

But I don’t expect the distorted expressions to understand this.

Because my life is my journey, walked in my shoes, my heels, my flats, my sneakers, my boots, my naked feet.

Yes, I did alright, may not be perfect, but right.

On witnessing thirty seven revolutions of our planet around the sun, I wish myself a very happy birthday, a happy life.

I did right by wishing myself, or did I?

By setting my norms for myself, I have always done right. 🙂 😉 🙂


…Ashu Bolar


Ten years, a decade, an experience 


2009, yes, that’s when I started blogging, a birthday month start-up. And 10 years of writing made me learn-unlearn many things, about myself, on surroundings, in life. An Experience.

Hmmm, looking back, it has been a great feeling altogether…friends, books, knowledge, coffee times, selfies…time well spent. A Great Experience.

Some baggages shed, some still to be. Some minor changes, some major adaptabilities. Some faded memories, some still afresh. Some forgotten, some still around. Some work completed, some new beginnings. Some dreams fulfilled, some hopes ahead. A Beautiful Experience.

I know I have changed, a better version of me than yesterday–a process I would like to stick to on everyday basis. So yes, a decade gone, another begins…Awaiting The Next Exciting Experience…

Thanks to all those following, liking, commenting, sharing, visiting my blog. Please feel free to connect with me on my Email id ( or Facebook or Messenger anytime.

Me in 2009 and in 2019…Changed? Right!

2019…Being hopeful…While still dreaming…

– Ashu Bolar

Women’s Day…


My day began with silencing the alarm vibration on my mobile phone, only to notice many good wishes, some motivational quotes, a few creatives–all wishing Happy Women’s Day.

A good start of the day.

Next, had a meeting. Went well.

Next, thought of carrying something for my colleagues; was wondering what, and there I saw a Mad Over Donuts (MOD) outlet. Ordered donuts, followed by the unexpected at the billing counter. The person asked me for identity proof, and I was thinking, “Since when did retail stores started asking for identity proof!” It took me by surprise, but on asking why, the reason stated made my day. It was to check my birthdate as I get discount equal to my age.

Felt good to be old today! 🙂 😉

My next question was, “What if the customer is 75 years old?” It seems age limit for discount is 50. But 50% discount too isn’t bad!

No, no…I am yet to be 50…long way to go, however, I liked the marketing initiative.

Well, donuts were great. They always are.

So far, the day has been good.

Have a great day ladies. And if you happen to come across an MOD outlet, I think it’s worth your time visiting today. 😉


MOD Image Credit: MOD Facebook Page

Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies out there!!!

– Ashu Bolar









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A Decade Of Distinction


Not very long ago, I was a part of the Corporate Communication Team at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH)–a beautiful learning experience. And today, it has been ten years since its birth in the year 2009. A brand close to my heart, an institution that sets benchmark in the Indian healthcare industry, a hospital that is the biggest in the western suburbs of Mumbai–yes, KDAH is indeed a space where every life matters.

Facebook Live on KDAH decade of distinction was nostalgic! Worth listening to the KDAH journey from KDAH Chairperson, Tina Ambani, Reliance Group Chairman, Anil Ambani, and none other than, Mrs. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani herself.

Inspiring words, Great work…Congratulations Anil Sir, Tina Ma’am, Mrs K Ambani, KN Sir, Dr. Ram, Dr. Tushar, Dr. Shetty, Dr. Mihir and KDAH team…glad I was a small part in the first ten years of KDAH Distinction! 😊😊😊

…Ashu Bolar






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