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Dr Sami Atiya, Chief Executive Officer, Computed Tomography (CT), Siemens Healthcare

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Ashu Bolar

Welcome To Fatherhood

You are anxious to see what your child looks like…The first sight of your baby melts your heart away…You are desperate to capture every action of your cherub with your camera…You are happy replacing your money in wallet with the snapshots of your infant…The first time your angel calls you ‘dad’ in broken syllables, it sounds like the best music you have ever heard and a music you want to be played over and over again…For that one innocent smile on your baby’s face you are ready to contort your face in any angle and the for first time you are not embarrassed…You can spent your entire Sunday touring your toddler on your back posing as a horse without complaining…You plan and keep planning your kid’s future…You are happy to lose in the game where the opponent is the apple of your eyes…You want your child to have every luxury you can afford…You want your child to more successful than you are…Once again you see school, solve maths sums and select right colours for the painting…You see the college and the graduation day but this time you are a spectator and your child is the participant…You see the wedding but once again as an audience…You see kids again but this time they are your grandchildren…You realize time has flown and you have aged…But you feel young yet again while playing with your grandchildren…And wish that you stay alive among them and the generations to come from them!

This is the trail of your thoughts in the waiting room outside the labour room of the maternity clinic where your expecting wife is about to deliver. That anxiousness is worth it when your heart melts at the sight of your own child.

No matter at what stage of fatherhood you are, you will always wish the best for your kid. You always think of handling every issue – be it a problem at work, home or relation – in a manner where tomorrow you should not regret. Your child sees you as an example. You know that, and hence, you want yourself to be the best example.

At every age there will be different problems that you may face. From the teething of your baby to the school marks and remarks to the college friend circle to the career chosen to the partner selected…everything is to be tackled in a way which will generate more respect for you in his/her heart than otherwise.

Someone rightly quoted, “To become a father is not difficult, but to be a father is.”

This fatherhood route will be rough, a little tough, with more or less bumps – but you have decided to traverse it…so travel with full fun and vigour!

Yes, the soon-to be-fathers…Welcome to Fatherhood!

                                                                                                                                                                          … Ashu Bolar

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