A Good Job Fit or A Good Organization Fit?

What will be your choice?

Hmmm…interesting question…was one of the questions in Organizational Behaviour (OB-I Paper), IIMI first semester exam.

There is no book or any article which answers this question. I doubt if any professor can.

The answer keeps changing from person to person, and from time to time.

When it is your first job, well – you need a job, in short you are desperate, so only job matters, fit is never a concern. But post five-year work experience, you may not think the same. You would then desire a good job and a good organization. Now this is again a hypothetical situation, which can only be assumed.

An organization may be small, but a good leader makes a lot of difference. With a clear vision and mission, and employee friendly policies, what a leader thinks is percolated throughout the hierarchy. There will always be a weakling in a team, an overtly ambitious worker, an extremely competitive employee, a gossip monger, a procrastinator – but to ensure all work together and share equal responsibilities, is a leader’s job. Being leader is not enough, one has to be a mentor and a learner. There are times when you as a team lead may be wrong, and that’s when you should have the patience to listen what your team has to say. Their opinions may turn you into a better employee, a better person.

In my opinion a ship sails safely only when it has a good captain, an orchestra is melodious when they have an expert music director, a surgery is a success when the lead surgeon guides the entire team in saving a life.

What is the point of working in a reputed so called largest firm, which makes you wake up with foul mood and end your day cursing your boss?

Any corporate success is indeed a team effort. But the Manager/Boss/Team Lead plays a crucial role. He/she can break it or make it. The attitude, the knowledge, the experience…all counts in making you, modifying you into a good ‘MANager.’

Work, to those who are skilled, is never a difficulty. But people are and can be very difficult, and you cannot work alone in a team. A team lead is that glue which binds each team member and guides them as a whole towards the vision. And this attitude is what can make a job good fit, and such team leads and cooperating team members make an organization, an excellent fit.

I do not know if you have come across a leader and a mentor, but I was lucky that I did meet some seniors, who taught me, and when required, guided me to ensure that I traverse the rough sails smoothly.

Yes, I did have my share of ‘Monstenagers’ as well. But that too was a learning experience. Nature introduces such characters in your life so that you master the art of patience and letting go what is of least significance. Remember, for a monstenager, the current job is his/her world. But for a talented person, there is a world full of opportunities. And, I love exploring! 🙂

Learn till you can, tolerate till you can, do not compromise on your self-worth, self-respect and dignity. Be prepared to move on; there is always something big and something better waiting! When you can fly, then why walk?

So yes, A Good Job Fit or A Good Organization Fit?

What is your choice?

Be wise, make an efficient choice; you know what suits you the best.

Be prepared to fly, as high as possible; just try to be in flock as far as possible.


…Ashu Bolar


Show Up, Keep Up, Shut Up!

Recently I watched ‘Oz The Great and Powerful.’ Nice movie. Good acting. Great storyline. Beautiful visual effects and some cool animation. Of all the characters, my favourites were Finley, the Flying Monkey and the cute little China Girl.

Finley and the China Girl
Finley and the China Girl

Now why of all the amazing actors playing the magician (Oz) and the witches (Theodora, Evanora, Glinda) would someone like a Flying Monkey and the China Girl. Well, in life, most of us at our work place are either Finley – acting monkey with or without the love for bananas but carrying a huge workload, or the like the beautiful and fragile China Girl being surrounded by Carnival Magicians (not wizards) and Witches (Bad ones, not the kind and sweet Glinda types).

There is a scene in the movie where Oz (the magician and the so called Wizard) says: “Show Up, Keep Up, Shut Up!” – An advice to his new found assistant Finley in the magical Land of Oz. Now, this is exactly what every boZZ does. It is not even said aloud; it is very obvious and is to be understood.

As long as possible I do act like Finley.

Show Up – Oh yes, you have to. You do not have much of a choice in times of rising inflation.

Keep Up – In the hope of performance appraisal (Banana :D) you do your best.

Shut Up! – On many occasions.  Your innovation, but presented by your boZZs as their creation at the carnival. What do you do? Shut up. In the end of the year, you finally get the banana, but size does matter, doesn’t  it? You land up with a pocketful of change instead of a wallet full of cash. Again, what do you do? Shut up.

But how long can one shut up?

So these days, I ‘Show Up’, ‘Keep Up,’ ‘Shut Up’ (it is fun sometimes to be quiet and let other people do the talking), and at times,‘Throw Up’ (Ok, that is my idea of catharsis. Clever words at right time can be more powerful than any magical broom or emerald pendant :D).

On several occasions, I tried to be the China Girl as well; but unfortunately, in reality it is not easy to find good people let alone great people. You find yourself in midst of wicked people and in their company you will be broken with no one to fix you unlike the Oz. In the movie, Oz was still good at heart and so he was successful in driving the wicked witches out of the otherwise peaceful land. But in real life there isn’t anything like a peaceful happy place, and real time BOZZ is no where close to the great and powerful Oz.

Now, you can choose to be the wicked and vengeful witch, Theodora, or the evil and manipulative witch, Evanora. But in the long run, it does not serve the purpose and you will be driven out of the place you wish to rule at some point in your life. Glinda—the good witch—her character is interesting. But I do not have the magic wand, and without the wand, even Glinda was on the verge of disappearing forever. Therefore, until I find the wand, I am the Happy Flying Talking and Spewing Finley! 🙂

…Ashu Bolar

The Rocket Science Syndrome

“Of course you can do this. There is no rocket science in it!”

“She can handle that. After all there is no rocket science in it!!”

“It’s simple, not rocket science!!!”

When was the last time you heard your boss say this? I am sure it must have been pretty recent because almost every boss suffers from the Rocket Science Syndrome.

I have heard this phrase on numerous occasions and every time I hear ‘rocket science’ I fight back my tendency to break into laughter. Being a science student, rocket science to me is nothing but just a branch of science. So what’s the big deal? Why make rocket science appear like an impossible science? There are numerous engineers and scientist who have made immense contributions to the rocket science world—this means may be rocket science is difficult but for sure not impossible. Right?

But while you sail through your professional journey, the repeated use of this phrase makes you believe that rocket science is something very difficult, next to impossible. Slowly you start comparing every possible thing with rocket science. And then, eventually, one fine day you find yourself saying it aloud—that’s how this syndrome develops.

Up the hierarchy everyone chooses to be ‘a rocket science’. Well, I am planning to be a little different and initiate the development of a new syndrome.

If you ask me which job is the most difficult one, then my answer would be weather forecast. I don’t remember the last time when someone had forecasted it right. When they say cloudy, means it will pour. When they say rain, it could actually mean a storm. And storm means tsunami. Now, either the person forecasting is brainless, which is probably unlikely as the person is qualified enough to do the job. So that means the job is seriously difficult.

And may be someday when I reach the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, my junior would hear me say, “Get it done! It’s easy!! I’m not asking you to forecast weather!!!!!” 🙂

…Ashu Bolar