Some Random Thoughts…

These days I have time, so I spend good 60 minutes or may be 90 minutes a day on Facebook. Now, I have followed many Wise Quote Sites…additional gyan is always helpful…

I follow The Earth Tribe, Positive Energy, Relationship Rules, Goalcast, TTT (Terribly Tiny Tales), Aunty Acid, AND, Suits, Grey’s Anatomy, Simon Sinek, Marc Jacobs…a few more may be, but these are my preferred ones when it comes to likes and shares.

Some interesting lines – phrases – facts that I have come across…

Laugh with people, not at people.

For the past two years I am finding people doing otherwise. I guess time to weed the weed.

We rise by lifting others.

Yeah, I do, but no one does that to me. I feel the drag or the push almost always.

Everyone deserves second chances, but not for the same mistake.

I agree. Life is too short to repeat mistakes anyway.


Agreed. Why waste someone’s time and life. If you want to play the field, then there is a huge playground out there; find a player, not someone naïve who will feel cheated, used and lonely in the end.


True. I am blessed, I have such friends.


Hmmmm…and hmmmmmm…a loooooonnnng wait….hmmmmm….

Now, this one I love…

Stop the habit of asking people to get married because their agemates are married. Even you, some of your agemates have died but nobody has asked you to die.

So yes, people who have read this won’t ask me this question next time, and those who do, well there’s the answer.



AND I LOVE FASHION…and that’s so me.


Marc Jacobs_FB_IMG_1529568125141


It says it all. A beautiful statement.


Hmmm…Agreed. The sooner, the better.


Solo trip…hmmm…on my list…

Please visit the Terribly Tiny Tales Facebook page to read the entire piece. It is a good one.


Yes sir, agreed. But the recruitment cell and team leads need to get this one right. I have witnessed many such murders due to mere stupidity of recruiting the wrong person that too in a leadership role. Sad. But I won’t offer tissue paper to anyone crying over it for the losses faced as common sense was not applied in the first place.

Simon Sinek_FB_IMG_1529568284340

Yes, but it is dangerous to practice when surrounded by hypocrisy. But I think it is possible, not impossible though to be practiced with care.

One very quote by Simon Sinek was, “Leadership is not a license to do less. Leadership is a responsibility to do more.” Unfortunately, superior designation sometimes creates superiority complex, which is difficult to treat and tolerate.


Ok, don’t get me wrong. I was just sharing some random thoughts. Not giving advice 🙂

Greys Anatomy Facebook_20180622_154753.png

Well, for now, we will stop here. I guess my Adrenaline and Dopamine levels are high and GABA is low. I get carried away sometimes while writing a post 😉 So let me have a  hold on my emotions 🙂

Hope you liked what you read. Please do share your views as comments.

Till next post, take care.

…Ashu Bolar


Don’t Tell Me How To Live My Life

“This world is going up in flames,
And nobody wanna take the blame.
Don’t tell me how to live my life,
When you never felt the pain.

can’t turn my head away seeing all these things,
The world is burning up in flames,
And nobody wanna take the blame.

Come on babe, get it right.

Gotta be a better world,
Gotta make it baby,
Gotta make it right.”

–  Lyrics from Charles Bradley’s song ‘The World Is Going Up In Flames’.

For the first time I came across the lyrics was while watching Suits! Many must have heard then for the first time and then you keep humming through out the week and beyond. For those who are wondering, it is the song Harvey is listening to in his office as Donna comes in to ask about his dinner with Cameron. (S1:E11)

Dont Tell Me_Suits
Harvey Specter From A Scene From Suits

Well, coming back to the lyrics, it’s true; you cannot tell one how to live life when you actually have never felt the pain. Most of the time, when someone is in a difficult situation, we land up saying, “I understand.” But in reality how much do we understand? May be if we have been in a similar situation then we could relate to it. But that does not happen always. And as every life is different, any experience can be similar but not the same.

‘I understand’ is still a better quote than giving the person in trouble an advice on how to live life or irritating him/her further. Because there is a high possibility that you may land up getting a lecture on how many mistakes you have made in life, how you should have lived life or behaved, and if you are unlucky, this could be accompanied with a bruised eye or swollen face. (Oouch!).

My advice: Help the person make it right and do not advice unless asked for. When Harvey is in an extremely difficult situation, Donna leaves Harvey to himself, Mike helps him so much as asked for, however Litt, who is unaware of the situation but senses something is not right, still as usual goes on irritating Harvey further and you know what happens to dear Litt if you have seen the episode.

Think about it (a little thought can save you from a lot of trouble). Till then, I will continue to listen and enjoy this beautiful song. 🙂

…Ashu Bolar

The Door, or the Dragon?

“Don’t go on her looks. She is less of a girl next door and more of a girl with the dragon tattoo.” – Harvey Specter’s advice to Mike Ross while discussing a legal case in Suits—to me after Grey’s Anatomy this is the next great show with an interesting and talented star cast; and in the end of every episode, you learn something.

Now, which one of these do you think you are? No, I didn’t mean Harvey or Mike :). I know to get their images out of your head is difficult, but here I meant are you the girl next door – cute, kind and honest types? Or the girl with the dragon tattoo (you would know what it means if you have read the book or seen the movie)?

Harvey Specter :)
Harvey Specter 🙂
Mike Ross ;)
Mike Ross 😉

Generally, the expectation is more for ‘the next door’ types. It isn’t very difficult to find them as well. However, a human mind is like a coin and every coin has two sides. At a time, only one side of the coin is visible. So, the ‘door’ and ‘dragon’ are both present in the same person. It’s just that in some the ‘door’ factor is more defined, and in the others, the ‘dragon’!

Well, my answer to this question is that to the likes of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross (intelligent, smart yet kind), I am the girl next door, but for the Louis Litts (evil, malicious and annoying)—it is the girl with more than one dragon tattoo! 😉


I know the Specters and the Litts in my life. And till you figure out yours, let me enjoy the second season to come up with some more gyan! 😀

…Ashu Bolar