As per dictionary, Panorama (noun) means:

– An unbroken view of an entire surrounding area

– A comprehensive presentation

– A picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene

– A mental vision of a series of events

Yes, that is exactly what this blog is about – A comprehensive and unbroken presentation of a series of my mental visions.

“Life is like a novel. It’s filled with suspense. You have no idea what is going to happen until you turn the page.” – Sidney Sheldon

Well said. Everyday we come across someone new, something different that knowingly unknowingly teaches us a lesson. It’s up to us to learn it or leave it. I believe in learning as much as possible – at times from my own experience, and on other times, from experiences of people around me.

Just learning isn’t enough; sharing knowledge gained is equally important. And therefore, considering this blog as a medium to share, I hereby express (with as much as humour and pun I can add) my panoramic views on various events of life. As I turn the pages of my life, I will keep adding my words, thoughts, views, stories and more…

Thank you for your time…Hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

Ashu (Asma) Bolar



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