Bistro 1

Yet another new addition to the restaurant-zone at the BonBon Lane, Seven Bungalows…and a good one!

My favourites…

Prawns Dynamite…a real dynamite!

Basa with Herbs and Couscous

Loaded Potato Wedges

with Orange Basil Mojito!

Price for two around Rs. 2000 (for no alcoholic drinks)

Nearest Stop: Versova Metro (Andheri-West, Mumbai)

Some Bistro Moments…

…Ashu Bolar


Worth a try!


An Indigo Evening

Having many mini groups of friends is good. However, how often do we get to catch up in the super busy lives we survive today is a challenge. Same was the case with we three friends. Met in the year 2013 during Advanced Project Management classes at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), post college we had met just once in 2014. It was going to be two years since our last get together, so we decided it is high time we should meet now.

A WhatsApp group was formed as it makes the communication easier, and a day, i.e., Friday, 29th July 2016 was decided. Venue had to be South Mumbai as my two dear friends have their offices there. We decided a fine dine over the famous Colaba cafes, and so finalised on Indigo Colaba.

The only disadvantage of deciding anything in advance, is the fear of cancellation, especially during the monsoons in Mumbai. And Thursday night on wards it started raining crazy. However, after many exchange of messages whether to meet or cancel, we finally met for an early dinner at Indigo Deli—and it was totally worth an experience.

Located in the old yet charming streets of Colaba situated very close to the Gateway of India, reminding one of the colonial times, Indigo Deli has an elegant yet relaxed ambience. The menu has enough options, and while turning the pages you mentally also register what you will have in your next visit to the restaurant. Service is excellent, food is delicious, salad counter has umpteen choices, dessert has a wide range of beautifully exhibited temptations to select from, bakery delights are truly delightful, enough options for vegetarians, and you can buy souvenirs from the variety of displays in the restaurant.

Pizza, risotto and spaghetti followed by the multi layered chocolate and tiramisu – was our choice for the dinner.

We three had a gala time – talk, chat, relish the recipes, savour the dessert, while reminisce on the college days and ponder on what was missed and what was gained in the last two years.

A must visit place, and hoping to visit again to try the next list of delicacies registered in my head. 🙂


…Ashu Bolar