I Can Beat Rosesh Sarabhai!!!!!

Well you must be aware of Rosesh Sarabhai – the famous character from the very popular comedy show “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai” who writes poems from no where and everywhere and they barely make sense. It is not that I was inspired by him. I wrote on a subject which these days irritate me a lot at my work place. Though I am not confident (as this is my first attempt to write a poem or something like a poem) yet something makes me post these lines here. Have a look, and yes, you are welcome to comment! (Be a little kind please!)


Thap Thap Thap!

You thought it is a knock on the door,

But instead it is a torture to the floor;

These three-inch heels in beautiful colours and pairs,

Are extremely annoying when banged on stairs!

Thap Thap Thap!

She thinks they look flirty,

But that jangle is seriously dirty;

They suit more to the models on ramp,

But in office they make my colleague appear vamp;

This sounds like a foolish talk,

But I am yet to understand this clumsy walk!

Thap Thap Thap!

These pretty pairs worn for flight,

Always calls for my plight,

And when this clatter reaches my ears,

It raises all my headache fears!

Thap Thap Thap!

Faster she walks which appears like a race,

But sadly in total absence of grace;

Painful to knees, painful to backs,

Is the information which the wearer lacks;

Those notable swings of hips,

Are in desperate need to be polished with some more tips!

Thap Thap Thap!

May be I am exaggerating,

But those heels to my ears are truly aggravating;

Oh Lord! Will it stop or not?

This is something I think these days a lot!

Dear Readers, to beat Rosesh was not my attempt,

But incase I have done, then I know, to hit me is what you tempt!!!!! 😉

…Ashu Bolar