7 Days of Tindering


When you Google, it is called Googling. So if on Tinder, I call it Tindering.

Yes, I decided to give myself 10 days to know random people on a dating app called Tinder. It is something which is very popular among the youngsters, and one of my youngster friends has forcefully installed the app on my smart phone, uploaded a picture which she thought was apt, and instructed me towards tindering.

My well-wishers are still hopeful that I would date someday, and if that’s what gives them peace then so be it. I do not argue anymore.

Nevertheless, since it is a popular app, and we are advancing towards the era of apps, I thought understanding Tinder would be a great idea. So yes, I decided to log in and stay logged for 10 days. However, the tinderience, was not a very great experience for me.

Too many people, which is good, but after a while the swiping gets annoying.

Some guys where OK disclosing their names, numbers, status – but many had ‘issues’ when asked anything about them but they expected you to answer all their questions. It is strange; if you are on a dating app, then one must ideally reveal their status. So I think. And when one doesn’t then I really feel bad for the person’s spouse/partner, because for sure there is some history there. Well again, so I think.

Now, this may be a trend in the 30 plus age group, I do not know the behavioural pattern of those in their 20s on Tinder. Also, I would not comment on girls’ behaviour as I did not choose female in the settings.

Different people, different pictures – some pictures are really cool, cute and nice. I may have swiped left but some pictures for sure made me smile.

There are many who are connected to Instagram, and a few Insta clicks were truly worth admiring.

Oh yes, and there are a set of matches who will send you ‘NSA’ requests – ‘No Strings Attached’. Being a no-NSA person, well again it was a put off. But yes, it is interesting to know that something which people dreaded to think about 10 years back in our society, today people openly discussing or requesting for casual relationships. Transformation of thoughts, a big change in the way young people are thinking now. Good, bad – it is an individual’s choice. As long as someone is respecting my stance, I am fine with what choice the other makes.

So over all – tindering is not meant for me. But it was nice to chat with almost 20 plus matches – which is not bad as otherwise I doubt if I would go out and make an effort to talk with 20 guys or the vice versa.

So 7 days, I am off Tinder. But to those who enjoy, happy tindering!

Yes, that’s the profile pic. I think it can still stay on my blog if not Tinder. 🙂

Guitar Girl

…Ashu Bolar


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