Melodies, Movies, Memories & More…

  • Date: Thursday, 21st January 2016
  • Time: 4 pm – 10 pm
  • Venue: Mayor’s Hall, All India Institute of Local Self Government, Juhu
  • Occasion: Musical Evening, Live360@60 (Nanavati’s Senior Citizen’s Club)

An evening that has etched, in my, and other 270 minds.

Nalin Shah mesmerized a crowd of 270 senior citizens’ with his energy, and amazing, gripping, and some laughable, yet factual information on Bollywood History.

As he spoke on the journey of the renowned Artists, Musicians, Lyricists, Composers, Actors, Directors & Singers of the evergreen Hindi Cinema, the screen changed its hues from black & white to sepia, and then to colours, some very beautiful colours.

The occasion also witnessed the launch of Melodies, Movies & Memories – a book packed with information on Hindi Cinema by Nalin Shah. I have a signed copy, and more on the book will follow sometime soon.

Till then, some candid moments from the Bollywood History Show…

AshuBlogs_Panorama_Melodies, Movies, Memories & More….jpg

MMM_Nalin Shah_Book

…Ashu Bolar


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