50 Posts & Counting…


Yep, today I completed publishing 50 Posts on Panorama.

It took me good 7 years to write 50 posts. I know, it took me a long time, but I will try my best that the next 50 will not take these many years.

I take this opportunity to thank all my dear readers. Individually on your comments, I may have not replied, but yes, thank you very much for visiting, following and reading my blog.

29th February 2016: Today is a good day, a memorable day…

A. 50 Posts on my blog (Finally!)

B. My favourite actor Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Oscar (Finally!) and yes, Leo we will do our best to save our beautiful home planet!

So it is celebration time…I assure you all that I will complete the next 50 posts before 29th February 2020 for sure 🙂

Some of my next posts will be on…

  • A Day At Elephanta Caves (Category: My Diary)
  • A Conversation with Bollywood Historian (Category: My Diary)
  • A Good Job Fit or A Good Organization Fit? (Category: Corporate World)

I hope you will continue reading Panorama…please do like/comment…share your views as comments or at ashubolar@gmail.com

Have a great day ahead!


…Ashu Bolar




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