typos…oh my my…

typos…oh my my…

With the increase use of smart phones and touch screens, and constant WhatsApping anytime, anywhere, many times I come across several typing errors. Sometimes the sentences are so hilarous that you just laugh out loud (really loud!). Here are some good ones that I remember…

X: I got the job 🙂
Y: wow
Z: Congratssss! Good lick
That’s how fate is…licky you see. 😉 Probably, where luck doesn’t, there lick works 😉 Well on a keyboard, u and i are adjacent–so are g and f. Those clumsy fungers may next time type Good *uck…and if considered seriously by our friend X, I am not sure if he/she would be promoted or fired.

X: I got engaged!!
Y: OMG u r a licky gurl!!!
Oh well I assume that’s why she is engaged 😀

Ok fear…well some dears are actual fears…

Hell Asma,
Greetings from xyz!
(She meant hello…but sent me to hell with greetings :O )

Im cuming
Oh Yes Baby Yesss…

X: Werz u tday
Y: on suck leave
X: wow…no comments…we aren’t lucky to get such leaves!!!

Think you,
Ok now that send across wrong signals…thank or think…if not thank then why & what are you thinking?

Thanks for meeting today…it was great gun…
(Fun not gun)

There isn’t an end to these errors. Among friends it is acceptable. But with colleagues or may be family, I am not sure what the reaction would be.

And there is use of emojis which also can be construed as extremely confusing.

You can share some of your LOL typo moments.

Well, there will be many more typos…so dear readers…’to be continued…’ 🙂


…Ashu Bolar


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