What The Crab!!!

What The Crab!!!

Yes crab.

Today, I just happened to watch ‘Kahani Sanjay Sinha Ke Saath’ on Tez Channel and he narrated a beautiful story…

A crab is another crab’s enemy. Any fisherman after catching crabs need not worry to cover the basket – just place one crab over the other. That’s it. That’s the solution. Each crab will try to get off the basket, but as one reaches the top, the crab below pulls it down again and the cycle continues.

Sounds familiar?

Very true in the corporate world. Instead of leveraging a person, people pull you down, and further down.

A few learnings from Sinha’s narration today:

A. In distress a fish will try best to free itself from the traps of the fishing net, and may make it back to the sea, but a crab won’t.
B. Staying for long amidst crabs, you too can acquire that behaviour.
C. One can give only what one has. If you have good qualities, then you spread goodness. If you have bad qualities, then ugliness surrounds.
D. If someone you know has wings, help him/her fly.

Ladder of success is never crowded at the top. So reads my book cover. But will you reach that high?

I believe what goes around, comes around. Let someone fly and enjoy the view – some day you too will enjoy the flight against gravity…karma for sure has domino effect!


…Ashu Bolar


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