It was all grey…

It was all grey…

To begin with the year started with the hype around Fifty Shades of Grey – the movie that released in the month of February 2015…

Then the greyness continued in the television world with the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy…now that was very grey for me as to imagine the series without Meredith & Shepherd together is something I am still trying to figure out how…the series broadcast in India is almost or more than 6 months post the original telecast…till season 11, I have had tried my best to be on the same page with the series in real time…but after season 11 somehow that enthusiasm has died…not that I won’t watch the series…I, for sure know, Shonda Rhimes will bring another twist, introduce yet another interesting character, bring back or rather continue to maintain the spark in each episode…sometimes I keep wondering how the series will end…with Meredith suffering from Alzheimer’s, same as her mother, confined within the walls of a care centre shattered between the past and the presence, or will it be Meredith all happy and smiles playing with her grandchildren still reminiscing the fond memories of her McDreamy…not that I want the series to end as it has somehow become a part of my life…so far I have not missed a single episode…learnt a lot on the medical innovations in the US which are yet to touch the Asian soils…liked the portrayal of several rare surgical cases…laughed and cried with each character…yes, a character missing is indeed grey…but then that’s how life goes on…someone something will always be missed…but life just goes on…

Beyond entertainment…the year witnessed many shades of grey due to loss of great people like APJ Abdul Kalam sir…many dear lives lost in the name of religion & terrorism…and list too goes on…may the dear souls rest in peace…

I sign off today with some of my favourite Meredith & Derek moments which I captured from the last three episodes of season 11…these captures still make me smile and I look forward to many more smiles from the current and the future seasons…

I wish all my readers a magical spectacular New Year with all colours except all & every shade of grey!

…Ashu Bolar



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