I am happy because…


Happy…happiness…like everything today has become instant…transient…lasting for a short duration yet bringing smile on your face…

So what makes you happy?

On asking this question randomly, some answers were…

I am happy because…

…I am in love (hope that’s not instant coffee types)

…I love music (okay)

…I am going for a vacation (that is a happy factor provided your boss approves your leave 😉 )

…I am going on a date tonight (good for you)

…I cleared my medical tests (me too happy for you…heath is indeed wealth)

…my exams got over (yes it’s happiness indeed especially when they are boards exams)

…my life is awesome (really? To me again awesome is another instant thingy. I wish your life is really awesome.)

…life is beautiful (yep it is…although temporarily and in fragments)

…life is all roses (rose plant unfortunately comes with thorns)

…dad promised to get ice cream tonight (kids are the happy lot. And Mr. Dad don’t forget the ice cream!)

Well, currently I am happy because I am confident and independent.

Confidence + Independence = Happiness

Confidence + Independence = Happiness

Confidence makes you do right things and even if you have wronged somewhere it still will help you sail through. That brings satisfaction…a smile on your face…happiness, right?

And it is a big thing to be independent – physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and financially – another reason for that peace goodnight sleep.

In short, be it short-term or long-term, happiness is something that brings a smile on your face and is the reason why you sleep peacefully. That’s my definition and my understanding.

My reason for happiness may not be your reason and your reason could be the reason for my happiness in some part of my life in the future (an instant thingy or long term thingy…who knows!!!)…And in words of Benard Melzer, “Happiness is like kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.”

So come share your reason/s for happiness with AICP students from Xavier’s Institute of Communication (XIC) on Sunday, 12th April 2015 at Equal Streets, Bandra Linking Road (Mumbai) from 7 AM – 11 AM. You won’t get to kiss anyone, but for sure you will have a Sunday morning well spent 😉

Join us, Smile with us :)

Join us, Smile with us 🙂

Happiness is not just an experience, but also a memory. Come join us and create some wonderful memories 🙂

…Ashu Bolar (AICP-XIC Student)


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