What if a person’s brain starts working like bowels? I know it sounds crazy but the analogy is important to explain what exactly IVS mean. 🙂

If brain works like bowels, then it would collect thoughts, some of which (may be the good ones) would get assimilated and got lost somewhere in the body, and the wasteful thoughts would accumulate and accumulate to a level when it would be practically impossible to hold and then there would be peristalsis leading to movements beyond control (like those of the bowels) causing it to flush the contents (thoughts here) out of the system through an opening, i.e., mouth—and the discharge is the verbal excreta.

No, No, it’s not you. But yes, this happens in people who suffer from Irritable Verbal Syndrome (IVS)—where one suffers from verbal constipation (with occasional flatulence) alternating with verbal diarrhoea (symptoms are similar as in IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

These people are not uncommon to find, or rather very common I must say. They can be colleagues, batchmates, neighbours, family members, friends or frenemies. They are either well informed or over confident or dumb but pretending to be wise. They are constantly in need for attention and are the ‘Me’ types….feel free to add to the list!

It is hard to believe if you haven’t come across one, and if not, then for sure you will meet one soon.

Question is ‘How do you deal with someone with IVS?’

Wash Wipe Sanitize or…(not sure if there is another option)? ;P


Well, I have observed how people react. They…

  • Ignore
  • Tolerate
  • Silently smirk on their comments
  • Whisper about how irritating they are to the next person
  • Loose your cool & raise your BP
  • or Confront

I would stick to Wash Wipe Sanitize, in other words, confront…tell the person about IVS and give him/her a chance to get treated. The treatment is just a probability; the person may not change, but everyone deserves a chance no matter how offensive the condition is.

Right now I am in process of treating someone…relax…you will get your turn to treat (I am assuming you are IVS free)…till then Happy Reading! 😉

…Ashu Bolar


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