Twist and Twerk!


The idiom ‘turn and twist’ is redundant now. Today we see twists and twerks. Every year there are interesting additions made to the vocabulary volumes. If not an addition, then some dormant word gains celebrity popularity. This year the credit of reintroducing ‘Twerk’ goes to Miley Cyrus.

Twerking means to dance in a provocative manner that involves thrusting hip movements. The definition itself is twisty!

This movement or motion or dance move—you may call it as you like—isn’t new to the Bollywood dancing style. Rarely an actor (and a few actresses) may have not strained their hip joints to this move. However, it never gained too much attention as it has this year. What possibly must have gone wrong?

If you observe closely, the answer is simple. What varies is the intensity with which it was performed recently, and of course, the degree of squatting, the tongue bit and the attire. Therefore, all the attention, talks and discussions.

So what’s your move this festive season! If it is twerking, then ensure you have the right audience for your performance and your health supports such vigorous movements, otherwise this year twerks could turn twisty in the New Year!

Wishing All Dear Readers A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Blog Dec 2013

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…Ashu Bolar


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