Mouth Marketing :)


The other day, two office boys were having a discussion and one of them said:

“Arey, woh to mouth marketing se aage badha.”

(It progressed as a result of mouth marketing.)

I know what mouth watering is, but mouth marketing to me was a new terminology, and the sound of it was too hilarious. 😀

What he actually meant was Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). WOMM is an unpaid form of oral or written communication.

Today, organisations spent millions on various modes of advertising. But still word of mouth publicity has a strong grip on marketing. No matter how much you advertise, WOMM can either boost up your brand or kill your brand.

With the advent of newer means of communication like the Internet and then the social networking sites, today WOMM has become all the more powerful. It takes seconds for anything to go viral – be it positive or negative. (If negative, then it is milliseconds! 🙂 )

When a brand is a product, to maintain a strong WOM promotion is still not difficult if the manufacturing process is accurate. However, if the brand is a service provider, then to constantly maintain a good WOM publicity can be a challenge. Satisfied consumers will always have good reviews. But one unsatisfied customer can ruin the entire brand image. Because these unhappy customers not just speak but write offensive comments on web pages, and once this process sets in, it is very difficult to have a control over it and extremely difficult to erase it.

Indeed, mouth marketing ;), I mean WOMM is still an essential tool for marketing. Personally, I feel organisations before spending millions on advertising, should first ensure that the product or service they offer is flawless. If so, then I think WOMM can do wonders and save some big bucks that can be utilised elsewhere probably for a good cause.

…Ashu Bolar


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