Show Up, Keep Up, Shut Up!


Recently I watched ‘Oz The Great and Powerful.’ Nice movie. Good acting. Great storyline. Beautiful visual effects and some cool animation. Of all the characters, my favourites were Finley, the Flying Monkey and the cute little China Girl.

Finley and the China Girl

Finley and the China Girl

Now why of all the amazing actors playing the magician (Oz) and the witches (Theodora, Evanora, Glinda) would someone like a Flying Monkey and the China Girl. Well, in life, most of us at our work place are either Finley – acting monkey with or without the love for bananas but carrying a huge workload, or the like the beautiful and fragile China Girl being surrounded by Carnival Magicians (not wizards) and Witches (Bad ones, not the kind and sweet Glinda types).

There is a scene in the movie where Oz (the magician and the so called Wizard) says: “Show Up, Keep Up, Shut Up!” – An advice to his new found assistant Finley in the magical Land of Oz. Now, this is exactly what every boZZ does. It is not even said aloud; it is very obvious and is to be understood.

As long as possible I do act like Finley.

Show Up – Oh yes, you have to. You do not have much of a choice in times of rising inflation.

Keep Up – In the hope of performance appraisal (Banana :D) you do your best.

Shut Up! – On many occasions.  Your innovation, but presented by your boZZs as their creation at the carnival. What do you do? Shut up. In the end of the year, you finally get the banana, but size does matter, doesn’t  it? You land up with a pocketful of change instead of a wallet full of cash. Again, what do you do? Shut up.

But how long can one shut up?

So these days, I ‘Show Up’, ‘Keep Up,’ ‘Shut Up’ (it is fun sometimes to be quiet and let other people do the talking), and at times,‘Throw Up’ (Ok, that is my idea of catharsis. Clever words at right time can be more powerful than any magical broom or emerald pendant :D).

On several occasions, I tried to be the China Girl as well; but unfortunately, in reality it is not easy to find good people let alone great people. You find yourself in midst of wicked people and in their company you will be broken with no one to fix you unlike the Oz. In the movie, Oz was still good at heart and so he was successful in driving the wicked witches out of the otherwise peaceful land. But in real life there isn’t anything like a peaceful happy place, and real time BOZZ is no where close to the great and powerful Oz.

Now, you can choose to be the wicked and vengeful witch, Theodora, or the evil and manipulative witch, Evanora. But in the long run, it does not serve the purpose and you will be driven out of the place you wish to rule at some point in your life. Glinda—the good witch—her character is interesting. But I do not have the magic wand, and without the wand, even Glinda was on the verge of disappearing forever. Therefore, until I find the wand, I am the Happy Flying Talking and Spewing Finley! 🙂

…Ashu Bolar


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