Post Appraisal Dysfunctionality


New organisation…new work…new hopes….all are amazing until the time of performance appraisal. 😦

Yes, one year of hard work, more & more assignments, numerous late nights, and of course, working on weekends goes with out saying. (Weekend in most of the organisations in India starts with Sunday and ends on the very same Sunday.)

You don’t get paid for working extra hours and on weekends, however there is a hope that things will be better next year with some appreciation, some recognition, and of course, some increment.

But in the new financial year, you realise that a pat on your shoulder is a dream come true. And all you land up with is a kick in your backside.

Yes, that happens in the form of your appraisal. There is this huge form that your expected to fill, which you sincerely complete with great enthusiasm that dies the very minute you get the new letter with revised insulting salary structure in your hand.

Along with enthusiasm, dies your motivation, dies your self confidence, dies the belief in your seniors with fixed plastic smiles, who are sweet talkers, excel in using and misusing you to pump up their images at the cost of your efforts and energy. Unfortunately this realisation comes a little late. 😥

In such a decaying state, either you continue to die everyday or choose to survive either by raising voice or by selecting yet another new place. In the corporate world, to expect a change equals expecting a revolution. With fewer friends and more frenemies, such a revolution is plainly hypothetical. However, a change in yourself or your surroundings is for sure a possibility. After all life, be it world or corporate world, is nothing but survival of the fittest.

I am struggling to overcome this dysfunctionality as I choose to survive. Now how, is something that we will discuss later! 🙂

…Ashu Bolar


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