Monthly Archives: December 2011

When In Doubt, Chuck It Out!


“Asma, remember, when in doubt, just chuck it out sweetie.” – That’s something my colleague kept repeating while we edited articles, press releases, news pieces, interviews, product updates, etc., etc., etc. Amazingly, it always worked out well. And just in an year, her favourite quote has become my favourite quote.

Initially, I applied this principle to my writing and editing only. But for the past few weeks, I have been practically applying this to other aspects of life—chucking out unnecessary comments, frenemies, any unusual behaviour, somebody’s never changing attitude, ego hassles, work politics, etc., etc., etc…and it is working! Sometimes this acts as a life saver, sometimes time saver, sometimes an easy solution to a difficult problem, sometimes mood elevator, and sometimes, simply fun. 🙂

So, these days whenever I am in doubt, I usually resort to chucking it out. It helps; at least it has till now. But personally I feel always chucking out may not be the only solution. At times one must also check out the facts before chucking out. 😉

Well, this chucking and checking business is very interesting—interesting enough that I plan to include it in my New Year Resolution List…something different, easy, simple, and of course, helpful and possibly entertaining!

And, till I master the art of chucking and checking, you all have a great fun filled happy week, happy weekend, happy holidays, happy winter and a very Happy New Year! 😀

…Ashu Bolar