The Rocket Science Syndrome


“Of course you can do this. There is no rocket science in it!”

“She can handle that. After all there is no rocket science in it!!”

“It’s simple, not rocket science!!!”

When was the last time you heard your boss say this? I am sure it must have been pretty recent because almost every boss suffers from the Rocket Science Syndrome.

I have heard this phrase on numerous occasions and every time I hear ‘rocket science’ I fight back my tendency to break into laughter. Being a science student, rocket science to me is nothing but just a branch of science. So what’s the big deal? Why make rocket science appear like an impossible science? There are numerous engineers and scientist who have made immense contributions to the rocket science world—this means may be rocket science is difficult but for sure not impossible. Right?

But while you sail through your professional journey, the repeated use of this phrase makes you believe that rocket science is something very difficult, next to impossible. Slowly you start comparing every possible thing with rocket science. And then, eventually, one fine day you find yourself saying it aloud—that’s how this syndrome develops.

Up the hierarchy everyone chooses to be ‘a rocket science’. Well, I am planning to be a little different and initiate the development of a new syndrome.

If you ask me which job is the most difficult one, then my answer would be weather forecast. I don’t remember the last time when someone had forecasted it right. When they say cloudy, means it will pour. When they say rain, it could actually mean a storm. And storm means tsunami. Now, either the person forecasting is brainless, which is probably unlikely as the person is qualified enough to do the job. So that means the job is seriously difficult.

And may be someday when I reach the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, my junior would hear me say, “Get it done! It’s easy!! I’m not asking you to forecast weather!!!!!” 🙂

…Ashu Bolar


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