The Decades Of Life


Well, if you are thinking in terms of autobiography after reading the title, then good news is that this is not my autobiography. But yes, this could be a skeleton to it, which if required, I may write some day in future.

I thought of writing on the metamorphosis we all undergo right from being an infant to toddler to kid to teenager to young adult, adult….till now I can write only till this age as I am biologically eligible to comment only till the third decade of life. So let’s begin our decade journey…

The first decade of any ones life is good.  This decade we are Rolly Polly Chubby Cheeks! Life then was something like this…

Teeth – Erupting, falling and then re-erupting.

Skin – Oh! Those lovely chubby cheeks!

Hair – As per your parents’ wishes and school norms.

Weight – Gaining is a blessing and if not then mothers drive the paediatricians crazy.

Girls/Boys – “I am a girl and my younger brother is a boy.”

Dating – “What is that mom?”

Marriage – “My mom’s and dad’s wedding anniversary. “

Kids – “I am a kid and all my friends are kids.”

Career – “Haaaaaaaaaaan??????”

Fights – All the time fighting with brothers and sisters, could be kids at nursery, school or tuitions…But all are easily forgotten.

Friends – “Meena, Teena, Naina, Pinky, Chinky, Twinkle, Appy, Dolly, Raju, Appu, Dabbu………and Chicku.”

Drinks – Milk, milk and more milk…sometimes plain, sometimes in flavours…but there is no way out of it.

TV – “Pogo and Cartoon Network. I like Mr. Bean and Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse and Popeye and Woody Wood Pecker, Tintin and…” the list is endless.

Sleep – As much as you want…if you don’t then it is a problem.

Money – “Dad pays all the bills.”

Life – “The general or universal condition of human existence.” – A definition thought in Science class.

Nice, very nice…I miss these days…The only days of life when you can actually relax. Let’s move to the second one. This age is of major transformation; the decade of blooming. From a kid, now you are on your way to be a teenager and then step up towards adulthood. This decade is full of vigour, energy along with lots and lots of confusion and queries. This the decade of Friends-Fondling-Fooling Around-Fun!

Teeth – “Oh Lord! This wisdom tooth…pain is bad but ok I will get wisdom.”

Skin – Every acne drives you crazy.

Hair – Changes after every new hit movie released…short, long, curled, straight and in various colours (like red and blue also)… all depends on current fashion.

Weight – Initially hunger prangs, then there are hunger prangs but image consciousness arises and so there comes the word dieting which all mothers hate though they are busy doing the same.

Girls/Boys – Posters of all actors on walls, starts dreaming about that miss or mister perfect and for some the hunt begins and others are busy experimenting and enjoying different flavours.

Dating – A very juicy topic…can talk hours together on it…baseless discussions but that time those are the only conversations one can think of…deciding on appropriate dresses, make up , cologne, accessories and may the right palace – disc, restaurant, movie, mall…all this hard work for the date which you may later not even remember.

Marriage – “After I complete my education”, “After I am settled in life”, “Marriage…why talk about it now?”

Kids – “I am no more a kid pleaseeeeeeeeee!”

Career – Hmmmm…I want to be a doctor, no may be a pilot or may be a lawyer, no no engineer would be right…lot of confusion but some are sure of what they want to be or some are made to be sure on they will be by their parents.

Fights – Hmmm…in competition, in jealously, in foolishness, in fun…some are forgotten some are not.

Friends – Can name few to many and many many more!

Drinks – Mom no milk please – tea or coffee or cola….milk but this time skimmed (Could be other drinks also, which of course you don’t ask your mom to serve!)

TV – Music channels, Pop songs, DJ music and the likes or some Daily Soap Operas with your mom (it is okay but most of times are exaggerated), Sports (probably betting on some team), Film Awards and Movies (hmmm…all and each one, specially dying to see what is there in the ones rated ‘A’).

Sleep – Who sleeps when you are either busy preparing for your exams or entrance tests or could be busy reading a Mills and Boons masked under your study material?

Money – “Wish dad increases my pocket money a little”, “I wish mom gets generous this month too and add to my savings”, “Will have to hunt for a part time job to take care of my expenses.”

Life – My friends and fun!

Okay! Now 21 onwards one is legally adult, and there the story of this decade begins. The decade of ‘Fight Flab. Be Fit!’

Teeth – “Damn! When are these wisdom teeth going to finally erupt?”

Skin – Clean ups, facials, massages…all care is taken that you can afford to make yourself and/or your beloved happy.

Hair – One grey hair is a reason enough to bother you…Every attempt is made to hide it.

Weight – “Gaining? Have I gained weight? Am I looking fat? Goodness I have to hit gym now!”(Every inch bothers you and makes you go frenzy. Every effort is put in to fight the baby flab.)

Girls/Boys – “I am seeing someone”, “I am engaged”, “I am married”…but there are still some who are still single and ready to mingle.

Dating – “With my boyfriend”, “With my fiancée”, “With my husband”, “I just had a break up so with no one for me as of now”, but for some “I am still searching not succeeded yet in getting that right date.”

Marriage – “I hoping for one”, “I am planning for one”, “I recently got married”, “I am still dreaming about it”, “My marriage decision was wrong, may file for a divorce soon”, “I am happy with my relation…may get married someday”, and for some “I am wondering if virginity is bliss or curse???”

Kids – “Oh! We are expecting one!”, “We may plan for one”, “Will think about it”, “We are taking treatment to get one”, “We are deciding on a second one”, “There is still time for one. Let us enjoy a little more”, “Will think about it after I get married”…

Career – “I am a doctor”, “I am a designer”, “I am a teacher”, “I am still studying”, “I have finished my education and hunting for job now”, “I was lucky…I cleared the interview and will soon be working with an MNC”, “I am tired hunting for job…looks as if I will never get one”, “I am joining my dad’s business”, “I got a promotion”,  “I am still hunting for that dream job”,  “I am a homemaker”…and many such varied comments from many of us.

Fights – All the time with bosses or spouses!

Friends –Many on social networking friend list but only a few, whom you share your thoughts and sentiments with.

Drinks – “Tea for me, coffee for my husband, milk for my little one”…or could be vodka, rum, wine, beer or gin? Or may be “I am addicted to one” or “I am a teetotaler”…all depends on your will power more than taste!

TV – Movies could be action or thriller or romantic or sports or again Pogo and Cartoon Network but with your kids and then see recaps of your missed soap operas.

Sleep – “Sleep! Don’t remember when I last had a peaceful one?” “I wish I could sleep a little longer but then I got to travel/study/complete the office work carried home”, “My little kids don’t let me sleep”, “Partying hard so I barely sleep”…

Money – First struggle but then there is plenty of it to enjoy cappuccino in a posh café anytime you want, enough to plan an yearly trip for yourself, enough to buy expensive presents for your dear ones, enough to pay all your bills, enough to leave life independently or could be enough to start a family!

Life – For some “My Work”, for others “My Family”, and for few “My Work and My Family”.

I would have loved to write more but now that my eligibility is constrained, therefore, I need to stop on the third decade. I hope you enjoyed reading this and related some of it at least to your life. If, by God’s will I live longer, then I will keep updating this post on further decades of life…my life…our lives!



…Ashu Bolar


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  1. Hey Asma, nice post dear…3 decacdes!!! Entire life till now came to me as flashback…how meaning of each and everything changes as we grow older…

    Good one…would love to read more…
    God bless dear..

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